Agency of the year

Chief Innovation Officer Sarah Blackman

Sarah Blackman has been a leading strategist and an avid new business junkie within the Proximity European network for over 10 years. In her new role, she is responsible for challenging and shaping our ‘Creative Intelligence’, and ultimately future proofing the way Proximity ‘thinks’.


At work

Sarah began her advertising career in Paris as a digital creative for McCann World group. As her passion for new business and near perfect pitch strike rate grew, it gave her a real appetite to innovate in strategy, and move into a fully strategic role. She spent over 10 years in Europe, Paris then Berlin, leading global digital/ brand strategy for Beauty and FMCG.

At play

Sarah spends her free time, trying to master Bill Evans style jazz chords on her beloved grand piano, As well as wandering round country fine art auctions in the hope of finding some rare modernist painting or Danish bed side table.